13 Ways To Know If Someone Is Your Person

Thought Catalog

There are your friends, there are your good friends, and then there are your people. How do you know if someone is your person? Well, as Cosmo one wrote to a girl who wanted to know if she had had an orgasm yet, “you’d know.” 

But, for those of you who are still confused, I’ve compiled a handy list. Check all that apply; one point per check. 

1. You let them read (okay, maybe even begged them to read) that 3000-word letter you wrote to that person you thought you were in love with. That letter that you’d never, ever send. The letter you’re already too embarrassed to think about. Yup, that one.

2. You woke up at 8 AM (or some equally ungodly hour) to Skype them when they were in New Zealand, because you knew that you’d likely drive that beaten-up Saab that is your life…

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