6 Simple Life Lessons With Schoolhouse Rock

Thought Catalog

Remember Schoolhouse Rock? Those cartoons that taught you about electricity and conjunctions with really catchy musical numbers? They were cheesy and educational and great. To this day the only reason I know every word of the preamble to the United States Constitution is because of Schoolhouse Rock. It was a great learning tool. They had songs that taught everything from grammar to US government to anatomy. If you don’t recall, this may jog your memory.

Now, along with help in on my multiplication tables, I learned a lot more from Schoolhouse Rock than was probably intended. Here are a few of the extra lessons I picked up at my favorite schoolhouse.

1. Feminism is important. (Sufferin’ for Suffrage)

I remember being seriously pissed when I saw this and found out for the first time that some people actually thought that women were inferior to men. I even asked my mom…

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