My two favorite SYTYCD routines. EVER.

As most of you know, I’m not a dancer. But I’ve been lucky enough to be blessed to live in a household where I am surrounded by dance all the time. My mom is a dance teacher at a small studio in Hammond, IN (check out their site here) and through her work at The Dance Connection, I have learned to appreciate the art of dance.

I won’t say I’m hooked on the FOX show So You Think You Can Dance, but I enjoy watching it with my mom when the new seasons start. It’s a lot more entertaining than Dancing With The Stars, I think, because it’s all types of dance, not just ballroom.

Anyways, below are my two all time favorite SYTYCD routines. I recently listened to the songs on Spotify (Coldplay’s Fix You is one of my favorite songs) and I re-watched them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. They are beautiful and breathtaking!

“Fix You”

(This isn’t the original telecasted version; there wasn’t an embed link for it, but this is from the SYTYCD Tour. BUT. You can watch the original here. The story behind the dance just gives it that much more meaning.)

“Turn To Stone”

Here’s another one; it’s literally FANTASTIC. When you watch, remember that this guy is trained in ballet, not hip hop.

Eventually, he had to drop out of the competition because of an injury, but on that season’s finale, a surprise guest came to recreate the dance as tribute.


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