My life last week, as told by my social media networks

I finished the final book in Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy last weekend. Below were my reactions via Snapchat upon finishing the book during my desk shift.

photo 1 (1)  photo 2

My response when Julie told me she couldn’t Snapchat me anymore because she needed to study:

photo 1

It was really exciting because Ball Bearings mentioned me in a tweet for my online contributions:

photo 1

I was a little excited for Christmas, and I was being mopey about how I was still single during a desk shift where I started listening to holiday music before Halloween. My boss saw this when she came to check on me, and then she proceeded to go around to the front of the desk and re-enact my tweet in a male voice. It was quite funny.

photo 2

I needed Molly, a fellow employee of Woodworth, to come down to the desk because I really had to pee and I couldn’t leave the desk unattended to release my bladder.

photo 3

And this is how I felt when I was actually watching the Lion King 2 at one in the morning, upon realizing that if animated lions can find love, then there must be some luck for me somewhere out there.

photo 3

Also, I pinned a million girly things on Pinterest and it was awesome.


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