20 Things I’ve Learned In My 20 Years Of Life

Thought Catalog

1. Never be late. In fact, try to arrive a few minutes early.

2. Mean people are always going to be in your life. Just try to remember to be the bigger person and never let them hurt you.

3. You can learn a lot from little kids. They know to eat when they’re hungry, and stop when they’re full. They tell you the honest truth. They don’t judge each other and will become friends with just about anyone.

4. Try yoga at least once in your life. It’s good for the body and mind.

5. At one point in your life chop your hair off or get bangs. It’s a liberating feeling.

6. Groups of 3’s never work. Someone is always left out.

7. Taylor Swift’s music has gotten me through more times than I can think of. I honestly would not be the person I am today…

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