Roommate convos

So basically, Danielle is, like, the best roommate ever. She is a fantastic roommate, person and friend. Below are just some of the crazy and hilarious conversations that we have while we are in our room either working on homework or watching movies. I think I”m going to try to make this somewhat of a frequent thing here too; sometimes just tweeting our funny moments just isn’t enough.


(watching the opening scene of Pitch Perfect)

Me:  I could totally be a Bella.

Danielle: (blank stare)


(Watching Deck the Halls on ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas)

(Kristen Chenoweth starts singing O Holy Night)

Danielle: You know, can I just have her voice?

Me: Can I just be her?

Me: You know, we could be on Broadway. We would just have to lip sync. Like Christina Aguilera did with the National Anthem.

Danielle: I think it’ll take a little more than that.

Me: I mean, we can sway or something in the back.


Danielle: We’re doing the bone dance!

Me: You dance and you learn it!

Danielle: And we won’t me-ee-ss-ss up this test!

Me: We’ll get it perfect!


Danielle and Me: We’re doing the bone dance!

Me: I am soooo tweeting this.


(watching The Santa Clause 3 on ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas)

Tim Allen: Elves, this is Buddy.


Danielle:—BUDDY THE ELF—





 (Watching Deck the Halls on ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas)

Me: Does every Christmas movie just have a character named ‘Buddy’ in it?!?!?!

Danielle: But seriously though right!?

(later on in the movie)

Me: You know, I wonder how much the electricity bill was for this movie.

Danielle: We bring logic into movies a lot.


Me: (stopping halfway through a story I’m telling) I feel like I’ve told you this before.

Danielle: You have.

Me: Oh.


Danielle, via text: I ended up going out for a bit, don’t know when I’ll be back, but I left 27 Dresses in the DVD player for you.

Me: Bless you.


(Putting up our Christmas tree, and somehow we’re talking about the Hunger Games)

Danielle: (fluffing the tree branches)


Danielle: Snapchat. Now!


Danielle, from down the hall: BANANAAAAAA

Me: (inside room, door closed)


Me: (opens door and looks out) Yea?

Danielle: Hey.

Me: Hey.


(Watching Legally Blonde: The Musical)

Danielle: Whenever you try to talk to a guy it’s like Paulette and the UPS guy.

Me: What…?!

Danielle: (in a mocking voice) “I don’t have a shot with him wah wah wah!!!!”

Me: Are you mocking me?

Danielle: Only a lot.

Me: (glares)

(Side note, we always joke about my lack of a love life. It constantly amuses us.)


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