5 things I’m currently obsessed with

1. Boxed Water

It’s silly, really, to say that I’m obsessed with boxed water. But it’s seriously one of the coolest things ever. It first came to the Student Center food court towards the end of last semester, and then got really popular and spread campus wide. First the Student center. Then Woodworth. Next thing I know it’s in Kinghorn’s stop and shop. And the Atrium. It’s taking over campus like the plague, only the infection is not deadly. It’s purified.


2. Emailing

This semester, Julie is co-opping in Cleveland, which is about four hours from Muncie (yay! It’s closer than Pittsburgh!). She’s doing this new thing where she’s not texting anyone, which is kind of cool, and I applaud her for doing it because Lord knows I never could. Instead she’s calling people more, and the two of us decided to email each other rather than text. It’s really fun, too. I don’t write nearly as much as I used to, so blogging and now emailing has helped me get back in tune with my old crazy writing habits. It’s good too, because it helps me a better journalist, even though I’m based more in visualization. Whenever I’m typing out an email I channel my inner Kathleen Kelly. Granted, Julie and I aren’t lovers like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are in You’ve Got Mail, but it’s a lot of fun when you start to take a more poetic and novel-like voice in writing. It’s cool because when you type, you’re acting as if you’re doing a voice over in a movie or TV show, and you pretend you have the voice of Morgan Freeman or the Queen of England.

3. The Frozen Soundtrack

Seriously, who isn’t obsessed with this soundtrack? In my last post I talked about how I danced and sang around my room while cleaning. While my ultimate favorite song from the movie is Idina’s “Let It Go”, I’m currently obsessed with Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana’s “Love Is an Open Door”. It’s so spunky and happy.

4. Mac Stickies

I can probably go bow down and kiss the feet of whoever invented digital post-it notes because they are quite possibly one of the coolest things on my Mac, besides my Adobe Creative Suite. My life would be in complete disarray if it weren’t for them (and my iCloud calendar).

5. The Fault in Our Stars trailer

I laughed. I cried. I tuned in to my inner fan girl. Aside from J.K. Rowling, John Green is probably my favorite writer. When TFiOS was released, I pre-ordered it so I could get a signed copy. It’s one of my most treasured books (besides my first set of Potter hardcovers). Shaliene Woodley looks like she is not going to disappoint as Hazel Grace, and I’m pretty positive that I’m falling in love with Ansel Elgort, as Gus and then just in general because he is seriously adorable. I was glued to my computer, constantly refreshing John Green’s Twitter feed, waiting for the link to pop up. It was good entertainment too; Green runs his own Twitter, and is probably one of the funnies people I follow aside from Anna Kendrick.

photo 1 photo photo 2

Aside from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars is my most anticipated movie of the year. I HIGHLY recommend that everyone read this book. Yes, you already know from the hype that it is a teen love story where the two protagonists have cancer. But, the book is so much more than just their cancer. If anything, the book is about loving and losing, and more importantly, living.

Check out TFiOS trailer here (forewarning: if you’re a fan, make sure you have a tissue box; you’re going to need it):



  1. That boxed water sounds so intriguing and I want to try it and make it a cool thing at my school! I feel like I’m about to give into loving the Frozen soundtrack. I saw the movie and it wasn’t my favorite, but I will love it soon most likely. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS! YES! Everything looks so good!

    Separate little sub-paragraph just for Mac stickies! I would be lost without these. I don’t have to shut them off and they always come back up, so I’m always reminded! It’s so much greater than iCalendar and other reminders, because you see it on your desktop automatically! Also I wouldn’t know what tv shows I watch anymore and what episode I’m on. You’ve inspired me to make a post of my favorite things!

    1. No joke, boxed water is seriously the best thing ever. Can I just be Idina and/or Kristen? One of the best soundtracks for a Disney movie. TFiOS. So excited. No words.

      Glad to hear I inspired a post for you!

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