The Dads Of Full House Reunite To Comfort Jimmy Fallon

My day may or may have not been made when I saw this on BuzzFeed earlier. Full House was one of my favorite shows growing up. I loved it so much that I’ll even admit that I had an Uncle Jesse Barbie doll, complete with a leather vest and a plastic guitar that opened up like a locket and held photos of the twins and Becky. It’s probably still sitting somewhere in an old toy chest around my house…that is unless it got beheaded when Maggie inherited my old Barbie dolls. She had a tendency to do that.

Jon Negroni

When I was a kid, I watched every episode of Full House about 30 times. It was a ritual. So to watch the original trio return for a comedy sketch on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon was a surprise/treat that I certainly wasn’t expecting.

In this video that made me cry almost as much as the Fault In Our Stars trailer, Bob Saget reprises his role as Danny Tanner, the loving father who always seems to invoke sad, sappy music whenever he starts to talk.

Of course, the video is made by the further reprisals of John Stamos’s Jesse Katsopolis and Dave Coulier’s Joey Gladstone. They brought back several old favorites from the 90s TV show, including Mr. Woodchuck, “Have Mercy” and even “The Teddy Bear Song.”

See for yourself and let your heart remember the dream of the 90s:

Also, if you want to see the amazing performance…

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