Why You Hated The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale

Sums up my feelings about the finale perfectly!

Jon Negroni

The first episode I ever watched of “How I Met Your Mother” was on an airplane in 2007. It was the Season 1 finale, which is absolutely fitting if you know how the show plays out in the very end.

I had no idea why Ted was after this girl Robin so desperately, why his friends were so against it (har har) and what the deal was with that blasted blue orchestra.

And yet I fell in love with every single character anyway, and I’ve been learning and growing with this show ever since, eagerly anticipated the moment we had all been waiting for on March 31st.


From this point on, we’re going to be discussing spoilers of course, so please don’t keep reading if you have not yet watched the series finale. I mean you can—but I personally believe that it would be a disservice to this legendary story…

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